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Highland, MI 48357
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Santa Claus Johnny Bee Danny D and Eliza Neals Charlie Martin Italian Woman
Darryl Lee Berliner Cara Lundgren Circus Satori James Browneagle Niemi
Innsbruck Hostess Tia Turner Oxford Librarian Barbara Payton Berliner
Eliza Neals Emily Rogers Laura Mendoza Mary Cobra Eliza Neals
Kenney Mitchell Danny D and Darryl Lee Ben Kay Lonnie Fletcher Chris Brantley
WRIF Rock Girl Bobbi Linda and Tosha Tamera Menard Hayley Blackman Model at PAF
Barbara Payton John Klenn and groupies Nina Friday Circus Satori Nick Behnan
Leela Gupta Time Traveler Elis Mesner Bethany Chandler Artune Model Juliette


Manarola Windsor Caresars Detroit Renaissance Center Sacre Couer - Paris Art at Detroit Train Station
Vondel Church in Amsterdam Pavilion in Grant Park Chicago Detroit building wall Detroit Ren Cen and People Mover track Howling Diablos at Detroit Ren Cen
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland St Peters Vatican City Prague Church Paris from the Louvre GM World Headquarters in Detroit
St Peters at Easter Rome ruins Detroit's Russell Industrial Center War memorial in Berlin Rome Coliseum
Berlin warrior statue Berlin train station Joell in Chicago fountain Amsterdam harbor Berlin warrior woman statue
London palace gate Niagara Falls Eiffel Tower Paris Swiss Guard St Peters Square Japanese tourists in Florence


Rock N Fashion Two Tone Tobacco The Vagabonds Redneck Saints Victoria Broussard
Nicholas Tabarias Project Danyelle Claxton and Friends Motor Honey Diablo Il Gato Chizzy Karen DannyD
Colored foot Cold Men Young on Iron Street Danny D and the Vagabonds Sweet Mt Clemens pinstripe suit snake bitten boot
Lookin Back at Caesars Windsor Motor City Rah-Rahs at the Madhatter Memorial Rock N Fashion at Artunes Eliza Neals-CD release party Lookin Back at Cosmos
Old Gibson amp The Joy Ride le Concours de Livingston The Ruiners The Nightmare at Walkers Speakeasy
Go Gene Go Hands for good Goalie mask Funky Fresh FashionShow Gross Badanjek Feinberg


Caesars Windsor Innsbruck Fountain White Shag Montmartre Paris Vondel Twilight
Paris Montmartre cafe American Niagara Falls Innsbruck Cafe Niagara Falls Canadian Detroit New Center Park
New Center Park fashion show Innsbruck Bakery Paris Sacre Couer Howling Diablos at Ren Cen in Detroit The Duomo in Florence
Chicago Rock n Roll McDonalds Detroit Fox Theater Florence Square Renaissance Center Detroit Chrysler World Headquarters
Shrine of the Little Flower White Shag


Michigan Doe grass frog Niagara Falls Storm clouds Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Hey Buck Pond Swan Niagara Falls Tongue-sticking Buck
Baby Raccoon Wild Turkey St Cloud Florida Cormorant No Trespassing

Top Cap