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A Wearable-Mobile-Desktop-IoT
Personal Assistant

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I have lived and breathed interactivity, Web and mobile since it all began. However, the projects, jobs, and work that have come my way and kept me busy has eluded any significant mobile development. Not that mobile doesn't interest me, it does very much so. Nor, is it I don't have the skills. It's simply I have been busy doing other stuff. Lots of different interactive things. This conceptual, Rosie — A Wearable-Mobile-Desktop-IoT Personal Assistant, is an exercise and demonstration of my mobile chops... and more... desktop, tablet, mobile, Internet of Things for personal, vehicle, home and office assistance all rolled into one big concept.

This exercise includes thinking of something to ideate or invent, the concept, and then taking it through stages to demonstrate an end-to-end design and mockup process.

Originally I was thinking of just providing mobile mockups to show some design skills. Thinking about the concepts I did for AutoMate and ALERT has really had me geeked for car app design though. A lot of serious potential there! Likewise the development for the Internet of Things sets the imagination reeling with possibilities, too. So many prospects.

With such limitless possibilities, I started thinking about, "What would benefit me... personally, as a user?"
"Alexa, what's the traffic to work like right now," I asked my Amazon Echo while thinking about this and getting ready for work.
"The fastest route takes about 47-minutes via I-96 and I-696."
I really enjoy and appreciate my Amazon Echo. The design is slick. It's very useful for all sorts of things. It's functionality increases every week. Alexa is designed to respond very human-like, at least as much as a 9-1/4" cylinder can. Alexa can be professional-like with a reply like I just quoted, or Alexa displays a good sense of humor when asked a screwball question. Wish I could carry Alexa with me all over.

Rosie Flowchart

That's what I want! That's what would benefit me. And this would be very rewarding to think through and develop. A personal assistant that would follow me wherever I go!

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Rosey the Robot from one of my favorite childhood cartoons The Jetsons first comes to my mind when I think about a PA that would follow me all over. Except Rosie is a big, physical robot. No offense to full-figured women, please. Point is, a physical robot of any kind is pretty impractical to follow one everywhere. Besides Rosie the Robot is a cartoon. Nontheless I like her and what she has always stood for—an entity that is at your beck-and-call, does chores without question, without asking, and has your back more than you realize. So in homage... Rosey — the Personal Assistant.

So if not a physical entity, what? Time to pull my head out of the clouds and think hard about this. Wait! The cloud! Of, course, what else?

Rosie Flowchart

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Playing with Adobe's new Experience Design prototyping tool...

Rosey Mobile Mockups DEMO VIDEO