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249 Peninsula Lake Drive
Highland, MI 48357
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Holley Performance Products (v4)
Bowling Green, KY

Holley Performance Products (v4)

During Holley's centennial birthday, the website was redesigned to give each brand—Holley, Weiand, NOS, Lunati, Street Avenger, Truck Avenger, Hooker Headers, Flowtech, Earl's Plumbing, Holley Marine it's own brand website, but common in look and structure to this Holley website design, and intra-connected with the Holley umbrella site. In so doing much of the individual pages were consolidated into charts, reducing the number of pages in half to about 10,000 search engine indexable pages. Each head graphic on each brand home page was an Animated GIF, showcasing a series of product highlights.

After eight years, due to some Holley internal restructuring and a new IT Director, the Holley website went from the marketing department to IT and in-house. This look and feel remained for another two years, before a data-base driven design was implemented. Though the current website is nowhere near as extensive and comprehensive as it once was, it still retains the basic website and navigation structure design implemented when it was first launched.



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