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Highland, MI 48357
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Holley Performance Products (v3)
Bowling Green, KY

Holley Performance Products (v3)

Holley made several acquistions—Weiand, Lunati, Hooker Headers, NOS, FlowTech and Earl's Plumbing as well as others that were then incorporated under the Holley umbrella website. This entailed taking all new products and lines, all with different design styles and assets, then integrating them into a consistent, general look-n-fell—yet maintaining their established individual brands.

The website grew to over 20,000 pages, a minor structural redesign entailed adding a multimedia level to the graphical and text levels of the website. In doing so, I designed several interactive features to assist buyers in finding the exact products they need for specific applications via car and engine type, and performance desired.

Marketing-wise, this website was literally paying for itself. Not only did this website serve all the same information 14 inches of print catalogs did, but each product page offered high resolution, print-ready product photography for Holley customers—warehousers and speed shops—to use in their own marketing.

The movie Fast & Furious with lots of NOS product placement, and a Fast & Furious website contest grew vistors from 15,000-18,000 a day to over 40,000 a day before settling to a consistent 25,000-28,000 visitors a day.



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