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The Idea

The Holley Interactive Product Selector (IPS) was designed to assist users in finding exactly what they need to suit their specific vehicle, engine, and application.

IPS steps the user through the entire process, one step at a time and delivers them to the exact product screen filled with features, pictures and technical information. This was a good way to go for people who didn't want to be saturated with a bunch of unnecessary information, or who may not know exactly what they need. It also provided a clear understanding of Holley's new branding system and product lines. For those who knew exactly what they were looking for, or wanted a full list of the Holley products that pertains to their car, engine and application, or want to race to the actual product screen, full-listed, dropdown menus were planned.

The Design and Development

With thousands of product pages and long index lists of products, something was needed to assist the website users. The "wizard" style, fairly new concept then, was chosen as the first tier, with a dropdown listing to be developed later for power users. The first step was in choosing one of three Holley engine performance system brands: Avenger for the street and strip, Dominator for the strip, and Excelerator for the track.

Next, choose your vehicle, then your engine. Ford with a 400M. After this what kind of system? Fuel management, air management, engine systems, ignition systems, as well as valve covers or water pumps. Say, fuel management systems. Choose carburetors, fuel injection, fuel pumps, orpressure regulators. Carburetors. Vacuum or mechanical secondary? Vacuum. You are then delivered to a 600 CFM, 4-bbl, Avenger 0-80457S with a shiny finish. 0-080457sIt doesn't get anymore fool-proof than this. Of course today, big whoopee. But in the day, this was website innovation. There was nothing like this in this industry, and few in others.


This was long time feature on the Holley website. It's success led to other assisting modules. An Interactive System Selector was created in like manner to the IPS to help users match products for their system applications (e.g. the correct intake manifold with a particular carburetor). I had a "How to Use the Website" video instruction project underway when the website went in-house. The purpose was to demonstrate and instruct how to trick out a street car in stages using Holley products one performance level at a time. I acquired a stock '68 Chevy Camaro to build out. I got one performance level into the project before the website went in-house. I drove that car for several more years before my garage filled with baby stuff prior to my youngest daughter being born.