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The More You Visit A Page, The Bigger The Button

JEM This was actually a concept I had when working at Thomson Reuters when asked to discuss with the Lead Developer about incorporating a tiles library. I've been fascinated with the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Mean, and Phi since I first learned of them. My idea at Thomson Reuters is as here. However, at Thomson Reuters the Lead Dev loved the idea and started spreading the idea, whereas my taskmaster at TR was furious at me for... having an idea. But, when the idea was presented at eFlex Systems, my boss liked it (and the lead dev did not).

The idea is as a user starts utilizing the app, the most visited pages would occupy one of several buttons in a Golden Rectangle. The most visited page occupying the largest button and so forth—thus saving the user 2-4 clicks each time using the app or needing to go to another common page. As expressed when referencing personas, there are several different types of users for this application, each likely using different pages. This makes it a bit easier for them all.