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Highland, MI 48357
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Detroit Rock N' Fashion
Detroit, MI

Detroit Rock N Fashion

Detroit Rock N' Fashion originated as a virtual art exhibit for a virtual fine art gallery—The Gallery of the Arts. I choose a stylish, modern, gothic font to convey the rock music feel, overlaying a stylized, iconic Detroit D to instantly convey "Detroit." In most applications the D is multipled into its background to give a unique, organic and adaptaple effect.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion is an example of planting a seed and a grassroots brand springing forth. This virtual art exhibit is designed to be co-hosted with other art galleries worldwide. It is designed to drop right on a co-host website or computer for an interactive display, or passively be displayed on a gallery wall or flatscreen TV—with or without accompanying physical giclee prints.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Art Exhibits, a dynamic, interactive multimedia presentation, features eight artists from The Gallery of the Arts who are also involved in Detroit rock and/or Detroit fashion; fourteen songs from eight Detroit bands these artists are directly involved with; and over 300 photos from 40 photographers. It was officially launched on Bob Bauer's live Web TV show at UDetroit Cafe—From Paradise Valley to Motown: The Rock Starts Here. A physical Detroit Rock N' Fashion art exhibit with original art and giclee prints was set up in UDetroit Cafe and remains to this day, refreshed periodically.

The launch and exhibit at UDetroit led to the opportunity for one the Detroit Rock N' Fashion artists—"Chizzy" Mike Chisholm—and I to create our own show- Chizzy CAM. After Chizzy CAM ran its course at UDetroit, Danny D and I created a new show branched from Chizzy CAM, one based on a brand that had been a budding presence at UDetroit for six months—Detroit Rock N' Fashion. Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Live Web TV Show is a live Web TV show synthesizing music, art and fashion. With house band Danny D & The Vagabonds, Danny D and I typically host a musical guest, as well as a spotlight artist who typically creates a work of art inspired by the music, atmosphere and crowd energy. Often as a transition element between bands we feature a fashion photo shoot with a guest model(s) and a guest photographer(s).

Detroit Rock N' Fashion has also in different aspects been an art exhibit, a photo exhibit, with and without the multimedia dimension at various galleries, exhibits and art fairs. "Me and my wife showing off our Detroit Rock N Fashion taste for John Gnotek...Thought we would show our Detroit Rock N Fashion" --Facebook photo comment from a Detroit musician.


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