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The Concepts

I started developing branding skills as an apprentice at Jack Wolfe Studio, a production-design studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We worked with all the major ad agencies in town, working on dozens of major brands: Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, AMC, Mr Goodwrench, Whirlpool, Rockwell, and many more. In addition, we worked directly with companies and corporations: Masco Corporation, Masco Industries, KMart Corporation, Holley Performance Products, and dozens more. And in working with companies, art directors, and designers day in and day out for years—I learned branding. Aside, I was also developing my own freelance business working with a wide variety of clients and their clients.

When Jack Wolfe retired, I bought his studio and began serving and developing relations with clients old and new.

The Gallery of the Arts FUJI EnviroMAX
The D FactorInTouch
Chizzy Cam Detroit Rock N Fashion
DenChart BioTech Medical
Softech The Save Africa Project


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