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Creative Spotlight

Creative Spotlight highlights creative projects and concepts, including ideas, developments and case studies.

Tamaroff Showroom

This is an archival example! My first commercial website project—for the Tamaroff Automotive Group in Southfield, MI, circa 1995. This 200-page website showcased all the features and options for all Tamaroff's Buick, Dodge, Nissan, Honda and Isuzu models, as well as info for all the dealer departments and services.

The above post card was designed and utilized to market Tamaroff's website and direct visitors there in the early days of the WWW, soon after Netscape Navigator first hit the market and Detroit got commercial Internet access. The headline tied in well with Tamaroff having diverse showroom locations. The background, foreground and pedestal was early CGI using an old, landscape-generating program called KPT Bryce, and the cars composited in. The Dodge Stealth, scanned from a catalog. The Isuzu and Buick were attained from CD-ROMs provided from their respective ad agencies. The Honda and Nissan was photographed on the Tamaroff lot to match layout. Pics within the website from multiple sources.

Click images for full-size view.

Tamaroff ShowroomTamaroff DodgeTamaroff DodgeBuick Riviera

What is notable about this project is, first, the year—1995. There was little precedence for such a website. GM didn't even have a website yet, and any dealer website was simply a photo of their building and their contact info. So I would say not only is this my first foray into user experience design—with an atmospheric design—but one of the very first examples of Web user experience design. The ONLY styling and layout options were bold, italic, and center. No font sizing other than H1, H2, and no font colors. Links were blue, visited links purple. There was background image, so I did set some ghosted images behind type on several pages. And there was sound. So many of the pages offered whispers, like, "Pop the hood," which upon clicking the hood latch area, an "easter egg" coupon for a free oil change would appear, purpose to engage people into the website. Animated GIFs were from the beginning, so the Tamaroff logo at the bottom slowly spun on its axis.


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