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249 Peninsula Lake Drive
Highland, MI 48357
248-760-0270   EMAIL

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About Me

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"I am a creative.
I am an interactive pioneer.
I am an interactive designer.
I am an interactive storyteller.
I am an interactive screenwriter.
I am a futurist.
I am a graphic designer.
I am a Photoshop'r.
I am a writer.
I am a website designer.
I am an user experience designer.
I am an user interface designer.
I am an information architect.
I am an HTML coder.
I am a CSS coder.
I am an explorer.
I am a live Web TV show creator.
I am a live Web TV show producer.
I am a video enthusiast.
I am a photography enthusiast.
I am a multimedia artist.

I am a husband of one wife.
I am a father of three daughters.
I am a brother and a son.
I used to have a dog.
I am loyal (to a fault).
I am honest too.
I am hard-working.
I am from Motown and I advocate the D.
I am currently a resident and homeowner in Highland, MI.
I studied Film & Video and Screenwriting at the University of Michigan.
I studied Writing at the University of Michigan.
I studied Philosophy, Psychology and Human Interaction at U-M.
I am a traveler and student of cultures.
I am God-fearing and people loving.

I... design, create, invent, draw, paint, read, study, learn, teach, ponder, philosophize, drive a car, travel, meet strangers, socialize, help, brainstorm, team play, lead teams, create anew, organize, brand, learn computer programs and apps, explore technology, utilize things in unintended ways, appreciate art, appreciate music, appreciate life.

I seek a creative position with a company, firm, agency or team where to utilize and share experienced, multidisciplinary talents. A position to serve, and be challenged and stretched to deliver smart, creative solutions in new and original ways. This includes a fervent attachment to exploring, exploiting and synthesizing emerging technologies and trends, such as mobile apps with near field communications, and interactive storytelling to name a couple.

--John Gnotek

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